Karma FAQ

Why does the Karma greeting card contain 3 individual KarmaCards? How is the greeting card used?

It’s one for you (or giftee), one to share/give away, and one as a bonus gift from us to you.

To send it as a gift, write your note inside the card, place card in enclosed envelope, and send it on it’s way!

To gift yourself, when your greeting card arrives, remove the individual wallet cards, enjoy, and share one with friend or family!

Whether the greeting card is for you or a gift for another, everybody wins! Good Karma for both of you.


       What is Karma?

      • It’s a Sanskrit word meaning “action”, and the concept of Karma is part of the wisdom of the ages.
      • Karma simply says that our actions – good or bad - will eventually come back to us and we will have to respond to the effects they have produced. In other words, based on our actions, we reap what we sow in life.
      • There is a well-known saying that reflects the fundamental meaning of Karma:What goes around comes around”.
      • The point is, we all have a choice in life when it comes to managing our own Karma. That’s good news!
      • We can choose to respond to whatever life throws our way in positive, healthy ways that do not perpetuate the negativity of an event or situation and do not feed the dark side of our human nature, promoting bad Karma. In choosing the positive course of action, we sow good Karma. What we get back is good Karma, often multiplied in ways we could never have imagined!


      What are some examples of Karmic acts of kindness and courtesy?

      • It’s not complicated. Good deeds, good thoughts, good wishes, and prayers all qualify.

      • Here are just a few examples:

      • Sending a Karma birthday greeting card, a congratulatory, good wishes Karma greeting card for a new baby or other occasion or need

      • Keeping someone or some situation in your thoughts and prayers

      • In traffic, let a driver in; help that person who dropped their grocery bag; hold a door open; invite a friend far from home for Thanksgiving dinner; let the other guy have that parking spot when it’s a tie.

      • Pay attention. Be observant. Look for the opportunity and take it!


      How will my good Karma actions to help others benefit my life?

      • There is a real power to performing simple daily actions of kindness and courtesy directed to others. They make a positive difference in your life and in others’ lives. They generate good Karma.
      • Your acts of good Karma perpetuate more of the same back to you and attract positive energy and positive reactions from others.
      • Here’s a key point… the acts must be done without expectation of recognition or reward.
      • Try it! It works! If you consistently make this practice part of your daily life, it can work for you, too.
      • Here’s how consistently and mindfully performing simple acts of kindness and courtesy to others throughout the day, every day, in big and small ways, and especially in the small ways, can improve your life:

      Cultivates a more positive outlook, attitude and perspective on life

      Makes you feel happier

      Feel better about yourself

      Attract positive people and energy to you

      Feel more, useful, and alive

      Helps neutralize negative thoughts and emotions

      Helping others decreases feelings of anger and sadness

      Reduces stress

      Feel more creative, more productive

      Feel more energetic – not wasting energy fighting what IS

      Help yourself by helping others – your good Karma increases

      More likely to show up to life with your best self

      Spiritual and personal growth


      Why the emphasis on the small ways of helping others?

      • Typically, the small opportunities to be of help and service to others present themselves more frequently and you are more likely to notice them.
      • If you’re more likely to notice these opportunities, then you are more likely to take action to be of help and service. And that’s the whole point. The more acts of help and service and kindness you do during your day, the more good Karma you receive and accrue in your life. It’s that simple.
      • Make no mistake; the smallest gestures of help and kindness you show to others throughout the day are just as powerful a force for generating good Karma as the largest gesture.
      • Acting to be of help and service to others takes us out of ourselves. When we step out of our self-centered, ego driven focus, that’s when the magic of good Karma happens!


      How can I use the individual wallet Karma Cards?

      • Keep cards visible or handy during the day – as a reminder, to take actions that will bring you good Karma, and help others.
      • Use any of the cards as a tool to help you focus on finding opportunities to help others throughout the day.
      • Use a card to help focus on improving a particular troublesome area in your life, e.g., traffic, money, love. Concentrate on good deeds until it becomes second nature, and a happier, more other-directed you will reap what you sow!
      • Cards can be used as affirmations
        • Affirm that from today forward, you choose positive, helpful actions in harmony with your better self and the best of the universe.
      • Remember, the Karma concept is about healing yourself, one good deed at a time.

      Where does getKarmic ship?

      • From California

      What’s the return policy?

      • All sales are final.